NEW Appointment Protocols for COVID

NEW Appointment Protocols for COVID

Following the green light for Sports Massage Therapists in July, things are a little different in the clinic. Safety is my absolute priority.

Understandably a few things have needed to change as a result of this year’s pandemic. There is a new booking system, a brand new treatment couch and I now have a set of protocols in place to keep my customers, myself and my family safe.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember all these protocols. The talented Leah from Leah Hallam Creative has put together these simple informative posters in the clinic that cover everything you need to know. They are also emailed to you when you book an appointment.


I’ve loved welcoming you all back to the clinic, thank you so much for your continued support during my strangest year in business.

Joni X


Client Treatment Protocols

  • Pre-screening. You will be asked to provide consent on booking and complete a declaration form on the day of your appointment – stating that you do not have any COVID 19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone that has in the last 14 days.
  • If you are a frontline worker, please shower and change out of your work clothes.
  • Please arrive on time, no earlier than 5 minutes and alone. Take a seat in the allocated seating area, or if you prefer please wait outside the front door.
  • Please inform me if you are classified as high risk.
  • A mask must be worn at all times within the treatment room. The gym area is optional.
  • Gel or wash your hands on arrival and on leaving.
  • Your temperature will be taken and recorded.
  • Showers are now available at the gym. If you have just worked out, please make sure you are clean.
  • If needed, please use the available treatment room toilet.
  • Please bring your own towel and water as none can be provided.
  • Please place your belongings on the chair or in the box provided.
  • Payment by bank transfer or cash (exact if possible).

Therapist Protocols

  • Daily AM & PM therapist temperature check.
  • Change into work clothes on arrival and out on departure.
  • Client screening on booking and on the day of the appointment.
  • Appropriate PPE worn.
  • Regular hand washing and use of gel before and after each client and throughout the day.
  • Disinfecting before and after each client and regularly throughout the day.
  • Deep clean at the end of each day.
  • Soft furnishings removed from the room.
  • Down-time between clients.
  • Disposal of PPE after 72 hours.
  • NHS track and trace client detail log.
  • Clients informed if anyone contracts COVID-19.


Whilst these protocols are in place to keep everyone safe, you will still receive the highest standard of care as many clients will tell you for themselves.

“Thank you, Joni, for your professional approach to COVID -19.  It makes your customers feel safe and of course, we all have a fabulous massage!”

Alex F


“I have recently seen Joni for some rehab after training during lockdown and I was impressed by how professionally she has adapted to the current situation. Not only was she suitably attired with the necessary PPE but she explained everything ( even before the appointment she made contact so I knew what to expect) and if you have any concerns she will definitely put your mind at ease. The treatment was of the same high standard as before COVID just with the additional safety precautions in place- I can’t recommend JL Sports Massage highly enough”

Sheila H


“It has been such a relief to resume treatment from Joni. The booking system and safety protocol are quick, easy and seamless. Treatment is as beneficial, effective and relaxed in mood as before. I need this more during working at home” 
Rachel A


“Joni made me feel extremely reassured that I was entering a safe environment for my sports massage. Her protocols are really clear, concise and very professional. The treatment itself was brilliant as usual and was great to be back having a massage!”


“The booking system is easy and simplistic, the text reminders are a welcomed prompt to avoid missed appointments. On arrival for appointments, you are met by Joni in appropriate PPE. The treatment room is clean and a box provided for your personal possessions. I am more than happy to be asked to wear a mask and conform to this request. The treatment area is cleaned and sprayed after treatment. Payment can now be done via bank transfer. Treatment is most welcomed and needed. I feel all precautions have been taken and I feel totally safe during my visit.” 
Helen C


“I’ve been really impressed by how well you’ve adapted to the new requirements and feel very safe.  It’s not much extra hassle at all and hardly noticeable in terms of experience and logistics.” 

Karen K

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