Frequently Asked Questions

Usually SRMT can help if your complaint is soft-tissue, that is, muscle or connective-tissue, related.  This can be from a number of causes, such as overuse or overtraining, post-workout soreness, or bad posture.

All types of musculoskeletal injuries can be treated, whether arising from a sporting activity, occupation or daily life.

The general rule of thumb is the amount of treatments you need is proportionate to the amount of time it’s taken to build up – if you’ve had years of bad posture that’s culminated in shoulder pain you will need more treatments than if you have a bad back from sleeping on a dodgy bed while on holiday.  It varies from person to person and the process can be accelerated if you make changes in your day to day life (stretches, improving posture, etc).

The aim is to reduce your pain and get you back to doing what you love!

Hopefully the first few treatments eliminate or substantially reduce your complaint. Once that happens, it’s up to you whether you feel confident that you can continue with the stretches or adjustments on your own, or if you’d like to have what we call a ‘maintenance massage’.

A maintenance massage is a massage at regular intervals to prevent excessive muscle tension build-up, so it doesn’t eventually cause a problem.  They are usually 4-6 weekly although some people have them fortnightly, and others only every two or three months.  If you do the stretches, exercises or postural adjustments you may not need them at all.  However, many people like the reminder to keep doing their stretches, to have an ‘MOT’, or to keep a check on and identify any patterns that may be causing muscle tension before that tension interferes with their day to day life.

This depends largely on your goals and training.  Many athletes start out coming weekly and then space massages further apart as the initial muscle tension is reduced.  When training for an event you may want to come weekly or fortnightly, but when training less only have one 4-6 weekly.

This really depends on you. I have some clients who prefer to weekly sessions, as they have difficulty doing enough stretching or other work on their own, or they have a lot of stress and/or are training very hard.  Other clients I may see only once or twice a year, as that’s only how often their neck, shoulder, leg, etc bothers them. With regard to massage for sports performance, when training for an event you may need to come weekly or fortnightly, but then when not training as hard, only once a month. As discussed above, it depends largely on your own individual situation, and it’s not set in stone: we can always increase or decrease frequency based on your needs at the time.

One massage is fine. We may recommend more than one, depending on your specific situation, but ultimately whether you want one massage, or a series is completely up to you.

Yes, the clinic is open to members and non-members alike.

Due to the current COVID restrictions you will need;

Any towels that you require to cover yourself, a face covering/mask and a bottle of water is advisable.

If you have any medical documentation such as scan and/or x-ray reports, which may be relevant to your injury/condition, then please feel free to bring these with you.

Due to current COVID restrictions yes you can if absolutely necessary, but we would prefer you to come alone where possible.

Whatever you are comfortable in!

Depending on the area which is being massaged you will be asked to undress to an appropriate level of clothing. If you aren’t comfortable undressing to your underwear, please bring a pair of shorts. You will be covered with a towel (please bring your own) to protect your modesty.

In short NO, Exercising after a session can both increase muscle soreness and compromise the value of the soft-tissue work you’ve just received. “Strenuous exercise” includes activities such as running, weight lifting, high intensity aerobics, or power yoga classes. If you must exercise a gentle walk, stretch or swim is ok but not ideal.

At present I am unable to accept card payments. Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Yes, there is ample parking down the side of Gain Fitness, overflow parking also available at busy times.

Yes, you can purchase this direct from the website or contact me direct.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before appointment will be charged at 50%

Cancellations on the day or no shows will be charged at full price

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