Happy Clients

Happy Clients

It’s so rewarding to see a client’s pain reduce and mobility increase. And nothing speaks louder than a happy customer.

I love to help people, and my clients are the reason I love my job. Every single one of them is an interesting person with an interesting life, and I feel proud and privileged to be working with them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Nothing speaks louder than my clients themselves, so here are a few words from them….


“I have been seeing Joni for a number of years, and there is none better, even after previous sports injuries I always felt fantastic after her massages. She is a perfectionist at her job definitely would recommend seeing her.”

Gary T


“I have been seeing Joni for the last couple of months, and she has managed to help me with all my running issues. She has taught me so much about my muscles and legs and how I’ve ended up hurting them.

Her experience and personality keep you at ease throughout the process, and she gives you the best solution for you, which includes dry needling, massage and cupping. I honestly wouldn’t be making my first marathon without her.”

Shane B


“Joni is absolutely brilliant. She works on the areas that are causing issues but also on the whole body and find niggles you didn’t even know about. I would highly recommend seeing Joni!”

Caroline M


“I’ve seen Joni for about three years for a regular massage, and I can recommend her competence and professionalism that has helped me recover from various injuries. I now benefit from the additional practices of cupping and localised acupuncture that she has helpfully added to her skill set. Thanks Joni!”

Nigel H


“Joni really knows her stuff. Every time I get a massage with Joni, I come away feeling significantly better. Ideal for recovery from injury, or regular maintenance. Can’t rate her enough.”

Alex H


“I have a longstanding back problem of over 10 years and dread to think how much I have spent with physios, chiropractors and osteopaths over the years. Thankfully Joni was recommended to me, and I now have a monthly maintenance massage to keep everything moving. She is brilliant! Can’t recommend enough.”

Ben E


“I had my first session with Joni yesterday. All I can say is wow she is amazing. She found knots I didn’t know I had and worked her magic. Definitely worth all the discomfort at the time. This will be a regular event for me now.”

Sarah H


“One of the best massages I have ever had. Knowledgeable on how to meet your needs and attentive.”

Kara D


“A great treatment with so much tension relieved from my back and hamstrings. Saw instant improvements in my training as a result. Will definitely be returning.”

Jon B


“I went to see Joni after suffering headaches (triggered when training), and after treatment from my doctor hadn’t helped! A couple of people had told me to try a sports massage, and I just wish I’d gone sooner!
Joni is so friendly and makes you feel so at ease and does an amazing job. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a sports massage.”

Bobbi B


“Wow, what a phenomenal treatment! I felt like Joni massaged every aching and overworked muscle, I’ve not experienced that before. I highly recommend Joni to anyone who requires attention to a sports injury or who is like myself and uses massage as a preventative measure. This lady is incredibly strong and has all the knowledge to back it up. Thank you, I will be returning!!!”

Hazel T


“Joni has been keeping me upright for almost three years now. My old injuries are many, varied and would challenge most in the field (believe me I’ve been to others over the years!). She knows her stuff and never fails to set me right again. I honestly couldn’t walk straight without her.”

Karen K


“I have been going to see Joni for a couple of months now for a problem with my back, and she is really good. I would highly recommend her skills and expertise to anyone !! She does an amazing job. 5 stars from me!!”

Faith S

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