Massage Services

Sports massage uses a variety of deeper pressure techniques than conventional massage. It keeps muscles supple, joints mobile and corrects imbalances from strenuous activity, repetitive movements and poor posture in everyday life. It can speed up injury recovery and also prevent injury as part of a healthy, active and mobile lifestyle plan.

My focus is to realign deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Muscles need to be relaxed for the massage to reach the depths needed, which is why cupping and needling complement your treatment so effectively.

You should expect a level of discomfort and pain during the treatment due to the depth of pressure applied. In the following hours and days, you may experience soreness as your muscles have experienced something that feels like a hard workout. 

As with all treatments, you might experience a groggy feeling for several hours, particularly if your session included cupping and needling. Drink plenty of water and take things easy. 

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